When Jarred @bestcocktails reached out to us, we were thrilled. We’d been following his Instagram account and were aware of its huge reach. For him to have happened upon our fledging company was such a pleasant surprise. Little did we know that working with him would be both affordable and extremely rewarding. In terms of return on investment, we have gotten more out of working with @bestcocktails than any other influencer or social media consultant out there. We’ve more than doubled our following in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken us (based on past performance). More important, we’ve become connected with an incredible community of cocktail bloggers and influencers who have provided amazing creative content that, with Jarred’s guidance, we’ve been able to leverage to increase our brand awareness. Jarred has been very much a mentor to us. He checks in regularly, is always available and quick to respond to questions, and in general is a pleasure to partner with. Couldn’t recommend him more!