Carlos F. Ruiz is a multi-award-winning mixologist and hospitality industry consultant, who specializes in mixology, cocktail menu development, training, inventory and cost management, for bars, restaurants, and events. A proud native of Lima, Peru, Ruiz moved to New York nearly two decades ago. It’s there, where his dream of becoming a successful mixologist was born and came true, and where he’s worked tirelessly to master his craft and rise to the top of the custom cocktail field. His mixology expertise and keen flavor profile knowledge, however, are a family trait passed down to him by his namesake, his uncle and renown chef, Carlos Ruiz, who he credits with showing him the ropes in the kitchen and teaching him the secrets of authentic Peruvian cuisine.

Since age 18, Ruiz has participated in over 30 mixology contests and earned a slew of prestigious awards, as well as a tv personality on Telemundo showcasing easy to make cocktails for any special occasion. He has been featured in a slew of magazines such as cosmopolitan, USA Today, spirit business, liquor.com and many more.


Deena Sayers is a NYC based Bar & Beverage consultant who has put her magic touch on over 200 bar and restaurants in 5 countries. Through her knowledge and experience in operational management, computer programming, and talent of craft cocktailing, she thrives on her consulting business whether it’s building new or overhauls wearisome bar programs. Using innovative marketing strategies, brand partnerships, along with sound operational procedures, she designs programs tailored for each venue.  Setting each bar up for success by personally educating each staff member in creative techniques along with speed and efficiency.

Deena provides cocktail strategy and education for several liquor companies; Doña Vega mezcal, The Macklowe whiskey, and Chambord. She’s also the founder of a line of superfood based cocktail salts called Mezsal which is her way of sharing her love for creating unique and vibrant cocktails to a wider reach


My name is Marie, I am an award-winning lead mixologist at Ce La Vi at the new Intercontinental hotel in Bellevue, WA. Aside from being a mixologist/bartender, I am also a rocket scientist by day.  My passion for mixology comes from science. I see mixology is a type of science because we experiment the new ingredient combinations, analyze the flavor profiles, and challenge new methods. We are constantly discovering the unknowns, and taking each guest at the bar to new adventures.


Rachael Robbins left the farm for the Big Apple with her sights set on the entertainment industry. She quickly realized that stardom would have to be financed by a side job, so she started bartending.

Rachael rode the wave of the NYC’S mega club scene. She’s tended bar everywhere from chic lounges to strip clubs and everything in between. Her tipping point came when she was afforded the luxury of opening her own cocktail lounge in Jersey city (along with the Co-owner of Dullboy, one of Esquire’s top Bars in America), which she conceptualized, designed, ran the cocktail program, and operated. It was at this time when she realized that her creativity could be satiated by creating drinks, and the applause she once craved was exchanged for seeing the satisfied looks on her customers faces.

Creating cocktails and emerging herself into the world of booze soon became the mana of life. A mixologist was born.


Originally a home bartender, in 2023 I started my journey into the world of professional hospitality as the Head Bartender of Queen Jayne’s Lounge and Royal Drinkery. Throughout this transition I have competed 3 times at the national level, the highest regarded being the US World Class Top 30 competition in 2023. Today, I still enter and compete regularly in competitions, run the cocktail program at Queen Jayne’s and am bartending also at The Ranstead Room in Philadelphia. I am Award T certified from the CRT in Mexico for Tequila Education and continue to learn and grow in every way that I can. Principal areas of focus for the mid-term include learning more about Japanese spirits, training my staff on new and advanced techniques and connection with industry professionals near and far in an effort to continue my education and networking within the beverage and cocktail space


Amanda Greenbaum is a Malibu native and the Proprietor of AJA Vineyards. There was an immediate attraction that pulled Amanda towards the vines at the age of 14. By 16, she was researching cardiovascular effects from wine, and waking up at the crack of dawn to partake in harvest. During High School she would be in the lab with her father and the winemaking team, learning about the production of wine, the blending, and of course, the aging. She continued learning from the team and being involved in the winemaking (and selling) of AJA during her time at UCLA. Amanda continued to expand her palate and love for wine and spirits by becoming a certified mixologist in 2018 just before graduating from UCLA. She also founded the Sommelier’s Club at UCLA during her time there where she taught students about the wonders of wine.

After graduating from UCLA, she studied wine at the International Culinary Center and became a Certified Sommelier, interned with winemakers across the globe, and became an advocate for millennials in the wine and spirits industry.

In November of 2020, Amanda released her cocktail book Rad Cocktails which had many easy to make recipes great for beginner at home bartenders.

In 2021, Amanda passed her first examination in the Cicerone program now holding certifications in Wine, beer and spirits knowledge.

Through all of this, her passion remains in vines of the Malibu Coast.

Inspired by family, Amanda has devoted her life’s work to crafting the best wines of the Malibu Coast and currently runs all operations at the winery walking in the footsteps of her father.


 Lauren is a self-taught mixologist from Cincinnati, Ohio who has been building cocktails and experiences for over ten years.  She currently calls Merchants Club in Newport, KY home. 

In 2019 she started her competition journey by winning the Cardenal Mendoza Golden Week competition.  She has since won the Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Challenge (2022 US Winner & Global Finalist), and been a Finalist in Patron Perfectionists, Woodford Manhattan Experience and Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Classic, to name a few.  When not behind the bar Lauren is travelling, cooking, and spending time with her dog, cat and nieces.


Nikki Stein has spent the last 10+ years honing her craft as a bartender and hospitality professional. Born and raised in the industry, she cut her teeth in the neighborhood bars of Connecticut before moving to Massachusetts at the height of the craft cocktail revival. There, she worked in several of Boston’s favorite bars and learned from pioneers and masters of the trade.

After bouncing between Boston and Connecticut for several years, Nikki has settled in the Hudson Valley, where she seeks to combine a love of local farms and distilleries with a city-caliber cocktail program. A creative at heart, she is always seeking to expand her own palate and, by extension, those of her guests—the ever-changing landscape of the food and beverage universe keeps her passionate about learning and innovating. She has participated in several bartending competitions, relishing in the camaraderie and opportunity to meet mixologists from around the world.


Hi, I’m Kate!
As so many cocktail creators did, I started finding my passion for mixology during COVID. Stuck in my tiny apartment, I got tired of the same old canned bevies every weekend so started experimenting with cocktail recipes. I loved it so much I decided to create my Instagram account to share my creations.
I also decided to start making and selling dehydrated garnishes, flavoured rimmers, and simple syrup kits to help people boost their creativity in their at home bar. We are constantly releasing new flavours and products as well as partnering with other companies to offer even more cocktail accoutrements!


 Ron’s expertise as a bartender shines through in every cocktail he meticulously crafts. With years of experience under his belt, he effortlessly navigates the art of mixology, delighting his audience with his creative concoctions.

His online presence not only showcases his skills but also fosters a sense of community among cocktail enthusiasts. What sets Ron apart is not just his skill behind the bar but also his genuine connections within the industry. His friendship with Jarred from Best Cocktails is a testament to the camaraderie that thrives among professionals


 Meghan Buchert is the owner and creator of Jardin Infusion Florale, a low carb, all natural, ultra premium floral mixer.
Meghan’s career spans decades of scientific innovation for the flavors and fragrance category with focus on R&D for alcoholic beverages.


 Marissa Paragano, aka Tequila Encyclopedia, is a tequila educator, entertainer, and strategist. Known for her quips and short-form content, Marissa aims to make tequila education memorable and fun. Certified in Professionalization of Tequila Culture by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, Marissa is also a member of the board of the Tequila That Cares Foundation, Tequila Matchmaker panelist, and spirits competition judge. You can find Marissa every Tuesday at 9pm ET on Instagram Live, where she co-hosts The TequiLadies, a weekly live show featuring tequila experts, insiders, and enthusiasts. Marissa is based out of the NYC area.