Bestcocktails X Chinola bartending competition

Sept 11, 2023

Winner: Aldo Ortega


The mighty old fashion
1.5 mama Juana spice rum
1 oz Chinola liqueur
.5oz filthy agave juice
Dash of aromatic bitters

Garnish dehydrated passion fruit in a honey glazeĀ 


Bestcocktails X American Harvest Vodka bartending competition

Sept 11, 2023

Winner: Nikki Stein


2.25 oz American Harvest Vodka

.25 oz dolin blanc

.25 oz fino sherry

.25 oz kalamata olive brine

Dash of celery bitters

Coupe glass rinsed with pechuga mezcal; cocktail is stirred, strained into coupe glass, and garnished with sundried tomato olive oil

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