About Us

Our Bar Service is all about cocktails and creations. We take alcohol and transform it into a unique Signature Cocktail that will quench your thirst and leave you feeling like you are drinking a piece of art.

Jarred Rozansky, owner and founder of Jarred’s Bar Service, set out a goal to make the Bar Industry Exciting and Vibrant again. Starting off as a student at a well renowned bartending school he quickly turned teacher after finishing at the top of his class. His passion and excitement encouraged him to continuously deliver new and inspiring cocktails.

The end goal of each of our services is to leave our clients with a new appreciation of the details that our professional mixologists brings to each event. Our focus on Private Events  Bartending With Friends & Consultations is with the intention to up the quality and creativity in each event that we service.

Passion . Creative . Memorable – That is what we deliver!

Events We Service

Corporate Events

With our team of professional mixologists, the fine craftsmanship of every drink, we can help make your next product launch or holiday party a night to remember!


On your special day, we have you covered! We supply you with the bar package that will fit the decor, quench and elegance that will make your special night truly unique and memorable.

Cocktail Parties

Hosting a special event for you and your friends? We will identify what cocktails to create and fulfill the needs of you and your guests.

Other Event?

Providing you with the perfect menu and even better execution is our promise. Contact us for your next event!

Restaurant & Bar Consulting

Staff Training

Working with your staff on existing or new cocktails, we perfect the creation using proper bar techniques.

Cocktail Creation

Pairing cocktail options with food dishes is a great way to improve customer experience. Crafting the Perfect Signature Cocktail will solidify your restaurant as a go-to establishment!

System Optimization

Using an outside consultant to analyze the current systems in place, allows us to establish both the strengths and weaknesses of your establishment. Resulting in us effectively implementing the new systems in pace to increase efficiency.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can be the difference between profit and loss. Through understanding when & what to order, our goal is to provide you the confidence in your inventory management system.

Menu Curation

We make creating a tailored cocktail menu that pairs with your decor easy! We take into consideration not only your demographics, but your food items as well.

Pricing Allocation

The difference between a profitable night and a loss can be in one cocktail. We explore the retail cost of the cocktail, the cost to produce it and the amount of alcohol being poured. Through these 3 factors we help identify the pricing changes that need to occur to increase profitability.

Event Gallery


To arrange a consultation or workshop, send us a message.