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Award-Winning Spirits Vendors

The Spirits Competition is a prestigious event in mixology, highlighting innovation and collaboration.

The Best Cocktails Group, a Montreal-based Affiliate Marketing agency, is curated in partnership with spirit vendors. This category not only celebrates the craftsmanship of mixologists but also showcases dynamic collaboration between these creatives and our affiliate marketers. It serves as a platform where mixology meets strategic marketing, uniting the talents of Montreal’s spirit vendors with our agency’s expertise.

In essence, the Spirits Competition’s Best Cocktails Group reflects the synergy between crafting exceptional cocktails and strategically promoting them, resulting in an unparalleled celebration of flavor, innovation, and collaborative brilliance.

Here are our Spirit Competition Award categories:

  • Gold – 90 – 100 Points
  • Silver – 80 – 90 Points
  • Bronze – 70 – 80 Points

90 - 100 Points

Gold Medalists

Okanagen Raspberry Liqueur

Okanagen Cherry Liqueur​

Vintage Distilling Handcrafted Vodka​​

Vintage Distilling Honey Vodka

Whatever Bourbon​

Munyons Paw-Paw Liqueur​

Om Chocolate Liqueur

Narano Bitter Orange Liqueur




Ewing Young Distillery Madeira Barrel Finished Rye

Ewing Young Distillery Cask Strength​

Redwood Empire Lost Monarch ​​

Handbarrel Small Batch​

Handbarrel Single Barrel

Handbarrel Doable Oak​​

JavaMur Espresso Rum Cream

Shady Mile Rye​

Misceo Coffee Liqueur​

Rhum Mana​

Ewing Young Distillery Dry Gin

Southern Panther Gin ​

Barrister Old Tom Gin

Barrister Old Tom Gin​

Highclere Castle London Dry Gin ​

Ewing Young Distillery Dry Gin

Spring44 Old Tom Gin

Rancho La Gloria Anejo Tequila

Insolito Reposado Tequila

Insolito Anejo Tequila

Insolito Blanco Tequila

Atoll Vodka

Atoll Vodka

22 Salute Vodka

Barrister Dry Gin

Ambush Canyon Vodka​

Absinthia Barrel Aged

Absinthia Verte

Okanagen Amaro Classico

Humble Melon Liqueur

Barrister BlueGin

Holystone Cerulea Gin

American Harvest Vodka

Holystone Perla Vodka

Humble Banana Liqueur

Humble Coco Ananas

Barrister Dry Gin

Munyons Paw-Paw Liqueur

80 - 90 Points

Silver Medalists

Ron Colon Red Banana Oleo

Ron Colon Rumzcal

Ron Colon High Proof Rum

Ron Colon Coffee Flavoured Rum

Ron Colon Rumrye

Redwood Empire Emerald Giant

Humble Curaco Liqueur

Una Vodka

Ewing Young Distillery Fresh Pepper Vodka


Tequila Gran Diamante

Rancho La Gloria Jalapeno infused Tequila

Rancho La Gloria Pink Lemonade infused Tequila

Benham's Sonoma Dry Gin

Jettywave Barrel Aged Gin

Jettywave California Botanical Gin

Barrister Pink Gin

Wildroots Peach Flavoured Vodka

Vodka Sur Glace

Unicorn Butterfly Tequila

Sennaza Finne Autumn


Ewing Young Mianda's Oregon Summer Dry Gin

Barrister Orange Gin

Keeper's Heart

Altamura Vodka

Boss Molly Bourbon

Elevacion 1250 Tequila

Fair Passionfruit Liqueur

Humble Raspberry Liqueur

Bitter De Luxe

Dough Ball Whiskey

Humble Curaco Liqueur

Redwood Empire Emerald Giant

Redwood Empire

70 - 80 Points

Bronze Medalists





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