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Best Cocktails is an affiliate marketing firm based out of Montreal. Our ever growing following is geared specifically towards the cocktail and restaurant industry. We share creative photographs and delicious cocktails and accessories and post them on our different social media platforms. In turn, we help create brand awareness and boost sales for our clients. With our increase of followers continuously growing, we looking forward to delivering content that they will enjoy.

Every month a new contest is announced to create the best cocktail.

We share creative photographs and delicious cocktails and accessories and post them on our different social media platforms. In turn, we help create brand awareness and boost sales for our clients.


We capture every aspect of your cocktails while delivering the uniqueness of your brand.


Kieryn from Old Elk

Jarred made the collaboration process very easy by coordinating logistics with the content creators. We outlined the expectations together, received the content, and were able to share with our audience seamlessly. It was great to be able to connect with new creators and build community with Best Cocktails. Thanks for your help, Jarred!

Andrew Phillips, Senior Director of Marketing, Milestone Brands

Working with Jarred of Best Cocktails has been an excellent, professional, and fun partnership. He brings many great ideas and knowledge to our conversations, which as a result has helped bring new audiences to our accounts. We always look forward to our future collaborations and are excited to continue working with him for our upcoming campaigns. 

B. McBride, Former Director, Communications, NEFT Vodka

Having come across the incredible imagery put out by Best Cocktails, I decided to reach out directly to ask if he would consider using our vodka in a post or two. Imagine my surprise when he replied almost immediately with only: “I can do much more for you” and within minutes we on the phone discussing various ways he could help our small brand. Soon after that initial conversation, gorgeous reels and mouthwatering cocktail images featuring NEFT were being posted by some of the most creative and widely followed mixologists. Several of them posted multiple cocktails and we would repost everything soon after, followed by Jarred who would then repost to his 170,000 and growing base. By the end of the project the total reach exceeded 4.5 million, helping us more than double our following. Since then, our engagement has tripled, which to me reveals what makes Jarred’s business model so beneficial to clients. For a fair and reasonable investment, brands will reach a specifically targeted niche of people who are proactively seeking out spirits and spirits related content. It’s a compelling opportunity for all spirits and spirits-related brands, and given that he exceeded all my expectations, I recommend him with the highest regard.

Jorge Alvarez, CDO and Co-Founder of Barmalade

Best Cocktails has been a great partner for Barmalade, we are raving fans. From the onset, we have had immediate increased exposure on our social media platforms, not to mention an increase in B2C sales. We have been so impressed with the due diligence and care that Jarred and team have taken to ensure that our engagement is an ongoing success. We would recommend them for any brand looking for to expand their online presence.

Carla McKinley National Marketing Director – CaydCap

Jarred delivered beautiful content and made the process easy. His team of mixologists/influencers developed unique cocktails and expanded the reach of our brand to new audiences which increased our following and engagement. We would absolutely work with him again!

Linda owner of Barefoot Botanicals

Jarred is committed to supporting and connecting businesses and mixologists dedicated to using unique and high quality ingredients for artful beverage craft.  He is an expert in navigating the social media world and supported us through every step of the process as we worked together to build and share content from mixologists around the United States.  Since working with Jarred over just a few months, our followers have grown, been more engaged, and we have built up wholesale and retail relationships that we may otherwise never have had access to.    Thank you @bestcocktails 😊

Thomasin Lockwood, Head of Partnerships for Three Spirit

Jarred was super communicative, easy to work with and provided some beautiful content for us.

Leah Owner of Cultivated Cocktails Distillery

Working with Jarred has been an amazing experience. It can be difficult to navigate what works and what doesn’t with social media, but Jarred really knows what works. His prices are always fair, and the results are worth the value. We have gained not only followers and exposure, but a network of friends in the industry, as well as a friend in Jarred.

Meghan Buchert, Founder of Jardin Infusion Florale

I’ve been working with Best Cocktails for close to two years now. The CEO, Jarred offers a velvet glove approach to growing businesses on social platforms. He is resourceful and intuitive with marketing and his approach is fresh. Definitely recommend.

David Founder and CEO from Saint Luna

I’ve worked with Jarred @bestcocktails since I launched my brand in August of 2019. Since working with @bestcocktails we’ve seen a steady increase in brand recognition, which has helped lead to new accounts and an increase in direct consumer sales. Jarred has a vast network of talented mixologists, deep awareness in the category and is always a pleasure to work with.

Brian owner of Rum Java

We have been working with Jarred for over a year now and find him to be a consummate professional. Jarred is very creative and consistently one step ahead of what is trending. His innovative approach and adaptability make working Jarred a tremendous value for brands and bartenders alike.

Tanessa Daw @Rec_Etch

Jarred @BestCockatails has more than a beautiful looking, deliciously tasting and informative IG account with a ton of followers, he has built a supportive community of home bartending enthusiasts who cheer each other on, and help each other out. He has followed up on all he offers on his end of the sponsorship, and then some. He gives helpful tips, checks in regularly and is genuinely a friend. He takes the time to know the members of the community personally as well as helping in business and with account growth. @BestCocktails is more than a just a Instagram account, Jarred connects individuals and companies with common interests for the growth of all parties, and the outstanding drinks are a huge bonus.

Alisa Langer from Spirited Media

Where do I even begin with how impactful working with Best Cocktails is. His knowledge and expertise within the industry is incredible and his ability to connect a brand with their target consumers is unrivaled. I’ve worked with Jarred for a little over two years now and continuously see results and growth every time one of my clients works with him. If you’re thinking about working with Jarred, don’t hesitate – he will help you take the brand to the next level from follower growth, to consumer education, and much more.

Jen Morales owner of Mixicles

When Jarred @bestcocktails reached out to us, we were thrilled. We’d been following his Instagram account and were aware of its huge reach. For him to have happened upon our fledging company was such a pleasant surprise. Little did we know that working with him would be both affordable and extremely rewarding. In terms of return on investment, we have gotten more out of working with @bestcocktails than any other influencer or social media consultant out there. We’ve more than doubled our following in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken us (based on past performance). More important, we’ve become connected with an incredible community of cocktail bloggers and influencers who have provided amazing creative content that, with Jarred’s guidance, we’ve been able to leverage to increase our brand awareness. Jarred has been very much a mentor to us. He checks in regularly, is always available and quick to respond to questions, and in general is a pleasure to partner with. Couldn’t recommend him more!

Robin from Spring44

Jarred plays the long game, a rare quality in the world of social media. Through Jarred’s community at @bestcocktails, we’ve met lovely people and have expanded our reach. But more importantly, we’ve found our voice and are creating our own village. Jarred calls every few weeks just to check in and see how we’re doing. He is truly interested in building relationships.

Amanda From Spira

Working with Jarred at Best Cocktails was our first cocktail collaboration our company made, and was an incredible business decision. Not only did it allow us to enter a new market full of a genuinely friendly and welcoming people, we learned immensely from him and his community. His communication, flexibility and creativity to work with you and do what’s best for your business was evident. The cocktail community’s excitement for Electric Sky was made possible by Jarred strong relationships. We are happy to say we made many loyal customers/friends along the way thanks to him!

Lana Vegosen from Monkey in Paradise

Working with Jarred and @bestcocktails has been an extremely productive, creative, and innovative experience. As Director of Brand Development for vodka and tequila brands, I appreciate Jarred’s constant hard work, thoughtfulness, and results-based approach– which have connected us to: an array of contacts and customers in the mixology world; fantastic recipes that we share with our consumers and retail partners; measurable growth in our accounts’ following, and exceptional reach on social media for our brands beyond our own account audiences. @bestcocktails continues to grow rapidly, stay ahead of our ever-changing world, and build a true family network for brands and fans alike. I am grateful for the opportunities and camaraderie that @bestcocktails offers spirits businesses, mixologists, and marketing team members like me!


Lisa Summers from Citra Fresh Agave Cocktail Mixers

You @bestcocktails created a way for my smaller retail brand to get nationwide exposure. With our growing audience of followers and post-interactions, I’m so grateful for your selected group of Cocktail Influencers & Enthusiasts’ for creating such thoughtful Posts using our Citra-Fresh Agave Mixers that have now been featured on your very popular Page. You’ve developed a comprehensive system that truly works for everyone and I’m so appreciative.

I’ve had such a positive experience working with you and look forward to a continued relationship!

Cheryl from Boozy Botanicals

We’ve loved working with Jarred @bestcocktails. Since our collaboration, we’ve increased our IG followers and expanded our brand awareness on the platform. The cocktail contests and drink posts Jarred promotes are a fantastic way to showcase our company’s products. He has also introduced us to some very talented drinkstagrammers and has helped us grow our following. I highly recommend working with Jarred. He definitely knows what he’s doing!

Eric Co founder From Mill Six Hemp Vodka

Working with Jarred from best BestCocktails has been nothing but easy and a pleasure. His work on our Instagram page and marketing has made a significant difference in followers and interactions. While using BestCocktails we have grown from 400 followers to 1600 followers while continually growing. When it comes to digital marketing, there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but BestCocktails can help you make it happen. He has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share Mill Six Hemp Vodka’s story widely. He also goes out his way to engage with customers and industry personnel alike bringing our new business great contacts and networks.
​I would highly recommend Jarred and his BestCocktails page for social media growth. He is always looking out for your best interest as well as being very engaging and responsive. His pricing is very fair and comes with a ton of hands on support. Here at Mill Six we will be endlessly thankful for all the help he has given us.

Glen Smyth CEO From Appleflats

Best cocktails page and Jarred are some of the best value social media influencers we have found. Not only is the pricing very reasonable for the following size, but Jarred goes out of his way to not only ensure we were pleased but we learned more effective in our own social media growth. The quality of content is fantastic and the connection to the world of mixology is truly remarkable. I would highly recommend working with Jarred and Best cocktails page.

Julie Zarou From Regatta Craft Mixers

We  wanted to increase our brand awareness and engagement on IG so we chose to partner with @bestcocktails. The posts and cocktail contest collaborations had immediate impact and we see results on a daily basis. We love being a part of such a talented and inspiring social cocktail community.

Mario From Bambam Barware

Jarred wrote me that he could represent my products on his instagram account. After that we have decided to make a cooperation with his account @bestcocktails and @bambambarware and i have sent him my main product- the cocktail shaker made of bamboo in a bamboo box.
He made the first post in his feed after he has received the bamboo shaker, which had very good results and brought more than 300 likes on this post. Cause of that and three giveaways of my product, many posts+storys and the oppurtuniy to send it to other Instagram influencers that Jarred knows it was pretty awesome for the status of my account. This brought me also more followers and likes. All together i can say it’s a pleasure to work together with Jarred and i am looking much forward to keep the cooperation with him also in the future!

Caroline From The Metal Straw

I can highly recommend working with bestcocktails – and I’m sure I will do again in the future . The thought and effort that goes into his promos/competitions and content is second to none . Creative , engaging and he delivers a strategy that works – unlike some who just take your money for a quick mention .

Gala From Simplygala

I’ve been working with Jarred for several months now to help grow my Instagram presence and driving sales to my site. He has been a great help, super communicative and always makes me feel like he cares as much as I do about my success. I highly recommend his services.

Gala – SimplyGala.com

Kate From The Cocktail Garnish

My experience working with Jarred has been nothing short of amazing. It’s hard enough to find someone who is as knowledgeable, talented, passionate and follows up & follows through that actually cares. I trust Jarred. He cares and he means it. I highly recommend Jarred.

Laurie From Mill Six Hemp Vodka

Jarred @Bestcocktails was great to work with. He gave us step-by-step guidance on how to grow our social media audience as well as helping us connect with our target audience. I highly recommend @bestcocktails to help grow your brand.

Melissa From Cork Hill Sorrel

Working with Jarred has been a wonderful experience. He extends himself to help beyond just social media, it’s about your brand as a whole. @bestcocktails and Jarred take time to meet whatever needs and goals you have regardless of size you are starting at. I look forward to continuing to work with @bestcocktails again.


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